Frequently Asked Questions about Andrew Barton Laundry Equipment

If you have additional questions, contact us or call (07) 3716 1333.


About Andrew Barton

Q: What does Andrew Barton offer?

A: We are Queensland’s largest supplier of commercial laundry equipment and solutions. Our services include sales, product selection, laundry planning, installation, maintenance, and spare parts. We provide complete service from concept to completion or individual services according to needs.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We are Australia’s longest established commercial laundry equipment company. We’ve been around since 1953; six decades!

Q: What makes you different from other laundry equipment suppliers in Queensland? 

A: First and foremost, it’s our experience that has been hard-won over six decades. It’s also the wide range of services we provide, our commitment to quality and doing the job right the first time. We are committed to helping our clients reduce their long-term laundry costs. Our track record for solving a wide range of commercial laundry problems is well known. Also, the speed and quality of our service is second to none.

Q: Can you supply references?

A: Yes. Contact us or call (07) 3716 1333 and we’ll be glad to oblige.

Q: Why should we choose you instead of another company?

A: If you absolutely must have the lowest price and that’s your only consideration, we might not be a good fit. However, if long-term value coupled with outstanding service and support is important, then you’ll find we’re an excellent choice for your commercial laundry needs.


Commercial Laundry Equipment

Q: What brands do you carry? 

A: We are Queensland’s exclusive supplier of two of the world’s finest manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment—Speed Queen and UniMac. We also supply parts for most major manufacturers.

Q: Do you supply commercial laundry equipment for mobile setups?

A: Yes, we supply equipment for military outposts and other non-permanent sites.


Commercial Laundry Solutions

Q: We’re designing a building. Can you work with our architect?

A: Yes. We have worked with many architect firms. We can also design a laundry facility from the ground up, considering every element necessary to deliver a high-functioning, cost-saving, safe and easy to use laundry.

Q: I’m looking to establish a coin-op laundromat. Can you help me with that?

A: We certainly can. We can provide consultancy concerning appropriate sites, design an efficient, robust laundromat with optimal utilities usage and supply all the coin-operated equipment to establish your business.


Parts, Servicing & Maintenance

Q: How quickly can you supply spares?

A: In many cases, the very next day.

Q: Do you supply spares other than for Speed Queen and UniMac?

A: Yes, our parts depot is among the largest and best stocked in Australia.

Q: Who do we contact if we have a warranty claim?

A: We will take care of all warranty claims for you. Please call Andrew Barton on (07) 3716 1333 in the event of your equipment not working as it should.

Q: Do you offer maintenance contracts?

A: We offer preventative maintenance contracts for your peace of mind. Contact us for a quote on 07 3716 1333. 

Q: How prompt is the turnaround for repairs?

A: We always attempt to provide the fastest turnaround possible because we know that time means money and you can’t afford for your laundry services to be interrupted. We offer service  seven days a week.


Commercial Laundry Consultancy

Q: How can you help me?

A: We can reduce your long-term commercial laundry costs, solve your commercial laundry problems and help keep your business or organisation running efficiently. We will meet with you to determine all your laundry needs and learn about any issues faced. Then we will devise a specific solution that will save you money, achieve full OH&S compliance, keep staff/customers/users safe and happy and provide years of trouble-free service.

Q: How can you reduce our laundry costs?

A: Firstly, by designing the most efficient and cost-effective commercial laundry solution for your specific needs. Secondly, by supplying the world’s highest quality commercial laundry equipment from Speed Queen and UniMac. Our equipment significantly outlasts ‘cheap’ imitation hardware and requires minimal servicing. Thirdly, we only supply equipment that will noticeably reduce your water, electricity and gas costs. When you deal with Andrew Barton, you will realise cost savings from very early on.

Q: Can you help us streamline our existing laundry facilities?

A: Yes. We can conduct a number of different audits that will reveal how, why or where your laundry is not functioning optimally and advise on what can be done to improve it. We can look at your utilities consumption, systems and workflows, machine efficiencies and other influential elements and recommend solutions.

Q: We’re just starting out. Can we purchase cheaper units through Andrew Barton and upgrade when we are established?

A: We only supply top quality commercial/industrial laundry equipment that will go the distance with years of trouble-free usage. We would only ever recommend this kind of equipment for any business to ensure your best chances of success from the start. Using finance to purchase your equipment is a wise investment that will significantly pay off in the long run.

Q: Does Andrew Barton offer financing?

A: Yes, we offer a range of financing options so that you can have the equipment you need now without the upfront capital expenditure.


Industry-Specific Laundry Solutions

Q: What sort of companies do you serve?

A: We work with anyone who has a need for commercial laundry equipment, from small business owners to major corporations with massive operations, like coal mines! A mining operation requires the heaviest duty cleaning available. A hotel requires high volume. We can help any type of commercial enterprise. Read more here about the industries we service.

Q: Do you supply and service laundries for our industry?

A: Any industry or organisation that uses or offers commercial laundry facilities – whether public, in-house or as a main service offering – could be a client of Andrew Barton. Here are the industry types we are already servicing:

  • Challenging environments: Correctional Facilities; Military; Agriculture; Mining; Maritime.
  • Accommodation: Caravan Parks; Hospitality; Backpacker Hostels; Student Accommodation.
  • Small, On-Premises: Day Care Centres; Party Rental Gyms; Spas/Salons.
  • High Soiling: Fast Food Restaurants; Abattoirs; Vet Surgeries; Car Wash Sites.
  • Heavy Use: Laundromats; Commercial Laundries; Aged Care & Health.

Read more here about the industries we service.

Q: Do you provide commercial laundry equipment and services for institutions?

A: Yes. We are a supplier and full service laundry solutions provider for schools, hospitals, prisons, aged care homes and other institutions.