Key Requirements for a Succesful Laundromat

  1. Shop signage must be clear and visible from the main road
  2. Small change is readily available and signed as such
  3. Change vending machine installed where suitable
  4. All coin-vending mechanics are operate correctly
  5. The Laundromat is a well-lit and a safe environment including having good personal security.
  6. The space is clean, bright, and open with aesthetic interior décor
  7. Easy-to-read instructional signage for the use of machines
  8. No home-made signs or messy notice-boards are present
  9. Comfortable and cool seating is available
  10. Customers have access to general reading material
  11. Any faults on equipment are clearly noted for customers
  12. Any equipment fault is acted on immediately and rectified within a two to three day period, these can be dealt with timely from Andrew Barton 
  13. Clean, suitable surfaces are available to customers for folding clothes
  14. Your customers’ clothing is safe and secure onsite

Cleanliness and efficiency is extremely important in the day-to-day running of a successful Laundromat. However, shop location and customer satisfaction are major contributing factors to the financial profit of any Laundromat.