Demographics: possible indicators and ways of interpreting the data provided.

1. Renter occupied %
Having greater than 35% of the residents renting within the radius of a laundromat is a good indicator. E.g. - If the total households are 10,000 and 4,000 are renter occupied, this means 40% are rented, a favourable situation.

2. Family income per week
Households earning less that $999 per week is a target market for laundromats. Having greater than 35% within this income bracket is a good indicator. This can be calculated by totaling all the households earning less than $999 as a % of total households in the area. E.g. - If total households are 10,000 and the sum of households earning less than$999 per week is equal 2,000 - This means 20% of the households are in this bracket, which is a little low, as 35% and greater is a better indicator.

3. Persons per household
Households with an average of 2.5 people per house is a good indicator. This can be calculated by taking the total population dividing by total households. E.g. - If the total population is 10,000 and the total households are 2500 - 10,000 / 2,500 = 4 people average per household. This is a favourable ratio.

4. Universities & Educational facilities
This is always a great indicator if you have student accommodation close to your proposed location. But be sure to do your homework as some student accommodation already have their own coin operated internal laundries.